Java Physics Reviser
Are you studying physics at college level (for example A-levels)? Do you spend a lot of time on your desktop computer, whether it is surfing the web, looking at your social media accounts, or playing games? If so, make sure you run the Java Physics Reviser on your desktop to make sure some of that time is spent revising.

Java Physics Reviser is a Java application that pulls random physics revision sheets or other related images from the web and pops it up on your screen at set intervals to reinforce your learning.

Java Physics Reviser

Java Physics Reviser is absolutely free to download and use, it is free of malware and has been scanned for viruses with F-Security Security Premium.

Installation Instructions
The following instructions are for the Windows operation system. However, the software also works on Linux and Mac, if you have any issues installing or using it on your Linux PC or your Mac, please send me an email at

Step 1: Download JavaReviser.jar and save on your Desktop.

Step 2: Double click on it to start the Java Physics Reviser.

If your computer does not know how to open JavaReviser.jar, you probably do not have the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer. You can download and install the Java Runtime Environment from the Oracle site. Simply retry after the Java Runtime Environment has been installed.

If you have any issues or have any suggestions, please send me an email at